Plato's photo

Plato found his way to PAWS in 2007 through animal control. He was quiet, reserved, and he bore the look of a dog who had spent much of his time outside. His teeth were worn, maybe from chewing rocks, his coat was matted and dull. He showed no aggressive tendencies at all, but he was disconnected from humans.

After spending time at PAWS, Plato became a favorite of volunteer Jim Thaler, who ultimately adopted Plato. The two were often seen taking long, daily walks, and kept each other company. Jim fell ill and asked PAWS to take Plato into our care as he must have known his condition was grave. At that point PAWS had just secured space for a small sanctuary in northern New Jersey, so we were able to take Plato.

Sadly, Jim passed away shortly thereafter. Two months later, a wonderful family from Connecticut saw Plato’s bio on the PAWS website and applied to adopt him. They had had an English Shepherd who had recently passed away and were ready to adopt again, and Plato fit right into their family. Jim would be happy to know that his buddy found another loving home…

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