Darla's photoDIAMOND (now “DARLA”)

Another victim of foreclosure, sweet Diamond found herself in need of rescue when her family felt they had no other choice than to put her out on the street. PAWS was called, and was able to take her into our care at the sanctuary. Diamond needed to be spayed, and she had some skin issues, and needed to put on some weight. But what a great, big, friendly American Bulldog! She was soon spotted on our website by a lover of this breed who came from Connecticut to adopt her into her family (which included another rescued male American Bulldog!) Diamond, now “Darla,” spends warm summer days at the beach, and cozy winter days curled up with her new housemate and family.

Hi! I want to update you about Darla!! She is great! Here are 2 current pictures. She is a doll! Everyone who meets her adores her and she is just the sweetest! Gomer loves her …loves going for walks with her and drops his toys outside her crate and kisses her. We are not quite at the point where they are sharing a bed, but we are getting there. She is still learning to be a bit less all over him. The calmer she gets, the better he is, Gomer is all about boundaries! She loves the beach and the water. She is not a swimmer, but loves to wade. She also is a lap sitter and loves to kiss and nibble ears! She also is a BIG eater! She has put on some weight and looks great. Tomorrow we are going to the dermatologist in Yonkers because she still has some skin issues and although she is on frontline, something is biting her (and Gomer too) and leaving red welts. Call me when you get a chance and I will fill you in more. We adore her and she is just a “love bunny”!!! Thanks!! -Pam

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