Layla's photoSummer in the city is not a great time to find yourself at the animal shelter if you are an adult pit bull mix. The shelters are full of dogs just like you, and they need to make room daily for more intakes. This was Layla’s situation… thankfully, PAWS networks with this shelter and received a plea to see if we could pull Layla, a beautiful, cropped-eared, friendly, large female pit bull mix. We had a spot open, and Layla came to live with us at our sanctuary. Great temperament, good with other dogs, she had obviously had a few litters of puppies by her body condition, however she had a great spirit. She was not with us too long before she had some potential adopters come to meet her, one of which was a local gentleman very happy to adopt her into his family, where she happily resides and has made their household complete.

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