Happy Puppy Days!

In early May, PAWS was notified that a very pregnant pit bull mix was in danger of losing her life and the lives of her unborn puppies at the shelter at which she had landed; we were asked to intervene and rescue Mama Coffee. She came to the PAWS sanctuary on Friday night, and in the early hours of Sunday morning, Mother’s Day, she was delivering her nine beautiful puppies under the watchful eyes of caretaker Jennifer in an extra bedroom in the house at the sanctuary, which ultimately became the nursery.

Sadly the next day, one of the puppies, a little male, passed away, however the remaining eight, four males and four females, continued to thrive, and for the next eight weeks, stayed with their mom, and grew strong and healthy. Jennifer and her son Jaythan were kept extremely busy caring for the pups and their mom, as well as the other PAWS residents in the kennel area. When the puppies were five weeks old, we posted them on our website and applications were taken, interviews conducted, visits with potential adopters at the sanctuary, and home visits were done by PAWS. By the time they turned eight weeks, they all were adopted and were ready to go into their new forever homes throughout New Jersey.

Mama is still living in the house with Jennifer and her dogs, and we hope Mama will soon find her own forever home. She is a super sweet dog, loves everyone, loves other dogs, and she was a spectacular mom to her puppies. Enjoy the updates on the puppies in their new homes – they are gorgeous dogs, and all are doing extremely well.

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