Breaths for Pets

breathsforpetsFounded in 2014, Breaths for Pets was started when we made the discovery that most fire departments, even ones from well funded towns, do not have access to rescue equipment for animals.

A fire is one of the most dangerous situations you and your family can face. When the fire department arrives on the scene of a blaze, it’s their job to get you and your family out first. While we include our pets in our family as well, human lives are top priority. There is no guarantee of anyone surviving a fire – not you, your family, your pets, or even the firemen who bravely risk their lives.

The fire department will do their best to rescue your animals, but them coming “last”, coupled with the fact that most fire trucks aren’t properly equipped to deliver rescue equipment to your beloved pet can lead to a deadly combination. This is also very frustrating for the firemen as well. Imagine having the life saving oxygen right in your trucks but no way to reliably deliver it to a homeowner’s furry friend.

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