photo of SophiaI took a box of towels to PAWS, they go through them quickly, lining cages and keeping small critters warm. Hanging just inside the front door was a little Bichon, who looked like she had been through the mill. Just brought in, she was quite dirty. She looked as if she had been out for quite awhile, or not cared for in the first place. Well, a week later my wife and I have adopted her and she is a perfect addition to our little family. My first point is to thank and compliment the volunteer and paid staff at PAWS for taking care of Sophia while she was their guest. She spent the week warm and received lots of attention from the people and one little terrier who belongs to one of the volunteers. My wife and I visited her often and they did everything they could to help see that Sophia found a good home (ours!)… The only thing I could add is that she has been a total joy for my wife and I and even our cat George who is also a PAWS rescue. George was an adult of 2-3 years when we adopted him in 1997.

Kathleen & Kevin

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