Dinah with Mr FrogFrom Bob:

Another year, another party…

Dinah turned 2 today and we had another birthday party for her.  She is “my little girl” since I am now home full time and mostly have been home all this past year.  She follows me everywhere and is extremely attached to me, as I to her.  She just loves Jean and goes crazy when she gets home from work.  Dinah has continued to have that wonderful temperament and not a mean bone in her body, even with all the health issues she has been through.  She loves the grandkids and has a ball when they visit or stay overnight.  Of course she is crazy about other dogs and I still have a difficult time walking her if a dog is nearby…she is just obsessed with dogs and wants to be their friend.

Her heartworm has been eliminated so no longer an issue.  Unfortunately, she has chronic pancreatitis, but we watch what she eats and are able to keep it under control.

She really is such a good girl…the world became a better place when she was born.

Take care…Best regards,

Bob and Jean

Dinah Age 2 Party with Jean Dinah Age 2 Party with Bob

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