Please help PAWS Montclair save special FIV Kitty: Rainbow!

Rainbow is a special FIV kitty who has been in foster for 2 years.Rainbow is a special FIV kitty who has been in foster for 2 years.

She was found in East Orange a few years ago with her kittens and it was not safe to put her back as there was no one to feed her and being a special FIV kitty, we feared she would not survive the winter.  Being shy and somewhat skittish, we did not bring her out to our adoption events but we have had her posted on our website.

She had recently developed an infection due to mouth issues and was brought in for dentistry where she was found to have a massive infection due to the teeth and had 12 teeth extracted. Her pre-op blood work was good except for infection and  a low red blood cell count. She was sent home with meds and was eating and doing well.

This morning she was struggling and having a hard time standing or walking. We rushed her to the emergency vet where we were told she needed a blood transfusion asap. There could be a number of things related to this low count. We are hoping that the infection was the main contributor but it could be related to an autoimmune situation and/or the FIV. Right now she is receiving immediate supportive care, a blood transfusion, antibiotics and some initial diagnostics. We will see how she responds in the next 24 hours. Other tests might include an ultrasound but we are taking it one day at a time. She will be in the ER for a least 3 days (that is if she responds remarkably) but most likely a week. The estimate for this initial treatment is close to $3800. She will most likely need to stay at least a week and continue medications long term.

This is the first campaign we have ever run for our animals but we really need your support at this time!

We are so very grateful for our supporters allowing us to save animals for over 35 years! Times are tough and we want to be able to give Rainbow and any other animal we save the best chance possible.

Every penny counts and any amount donated will be greatly appreciated. We will keep you updated on her status regularly.

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