Meet Koda

Help is needed with his medical expenses.

Koda, pictured above, came to us from a municipal shelter where he had been dumped by his owners at 9 years old, allegedly because of an ear and mouth infection they didn’t want to treat.

Koda was very underweight, very tentative and unsteady with walking, not eating and obviously uncomfortable, so PAWS took him for an immediate vet visit, including X-rays and ultrasound, which uncovered a very severe prostate abscess that may have been the end of Koda.

Thankfully, the vets were able to drain this abscess through his abdomen. He stabilized and went into a wonderful foster home where he continues to improve.

Koda will need to be neutered as our vet explained that should prevent this issue from recurring,

He is a gentle, senior boy who must have been neglected for a long time, and now he has the chance to recover and live a good life.

He’s sweet, quiet, and great in the home. Rich will continue to monitor him to be sure he continues on an upward path to good health. The photo on the bed is when he first arrived and was very — other pic is at Rich’s just shortly after he arrived there.

If you would like to contribute to Koda’s medical expenses, you can do so here.

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