Our Dogs


Adoptable Dogs:

  • To ensure placement into a home best suited to each individual dog, the application process includes having applicants complete our Dog Pre-Adoption Application form, on which we ask for some general information, including two references and a veterinary reference, where applicable.
  • An adoption counselor will process the application, and contact the applicant to discuss any questions or considerations either party may have.
  • If the adoption seems to be a good fit, a brief home visit will be scheduled.
  • If the applicant rents, a written consent must be submitted by the landlord stating that a dog such as the one being considered will be allowed residence in the building.
  • If more than one application is received for a particular dog at any given time, the applicants will be notified, and the adoption counselors, upon processing these applications, will make a decision, in the dog’s best interest, as to the adoptive home.
  • dog-app-qrDog Pre-Adoption Application (Mobile Friendly)

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