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Pet Adoption in Montclair NJ for 39 years.

Paws Montclair NJ Pet AdoptionPAWS, (Pound Animal Welfare Society of Montclair, Inc.) is an animal rescue and shelter organization dedicated to the humane treatment of animals and facilitating pet adoption for stray and abandoned cats and dogs in our community. Founded in 1977, PAWS has been serving Montclair NJ and the surrounding communities for 39 years.

We are extremely proud of the number pet adoptions we have facilitated, and number of animals we have rescued over the years; successfully placing them with loving families.  Many of these cats and dogs came from dire circumstances and were given another chance to share their lives with their new humans…

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Meet Our Featured Pet  – Buttercup

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Blessing Of The Animals 2015

A big thank you to David Drislane and Christ Episcopal Church for inviting PAWS to be a part of their Blessing of the Animals again this year. Despite the weather, Rev. Diana Wilcox blessed many great animals today.

We want to thank everyone for their wonderful pet food and litter and monetary donations, and to Christ Episcopal Church for their most generous donation check of $400 to PAWS. We are so very appreciative and we love this event. Rev. Diana and the Church makes everyone feel so welcome.

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Breaths for Pets

breathsforpetsFounded in 2014, Breaths for Pets was started when we made the discovery that most fire departments, even ones from well funded towns, do not have access to rescue equipment for animals.

A fire is one of the most dangerous situations you and your family can face. When the fire department arrives on the scene of a blaze, it’s their job to get you and your family out first. While we include our pets in our family as well, human lives are top priority. There is no guarantee of anyone surviving a fire – not you, your family, your pets, or even the firemen who bravely risk their lives.

The fire department will do their best to rescue your animals, but them coming “last”, coupled with the fact that most fire trucks aren’t properly equipped to deliver rescue equipment to your beloved pet can lead to a deadly combination. This is also very frustrating for the firemen as well. Imagine having the life saving oxygen right in your trucks but no way to reliably deliver it to a homeowner’s furry friend.

Please visit their website for more info:

Their flyer is here.

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Dinah with Mr FrogFrom Bob:

Another year, another party...

Dinah turned 2 today and we had another birthday party for her.  She is “my little girl” since I am now home full time and mostly have been home all this past year.  She follows me everywhere and is extremely attached to me, as I to her.  She just loves Jean and goes crazy when she gets home from work.  Dinah has continued to have that wonderful temperament and not a mean bone in her body, even with all the health issues she has been through.  She loves the grandkids and has a ball when they visit or stay overnight.  Of course she is crazy about other dogs and I still have a difficult time walking her if a dog is nearby...she is just obsessed with dogs and wants to be their friend.

Her heartworm has been eliminated so no longer an issue.  Unfortunately, she has chronic pancreatitis, but we watch what she eats and are able to keep it under control.

She really is such a good girl...the world became a better place when she was born.

Take care...Best regards,

Bob and Jean

Dinah Age 2 Party with Jean Dinah Age 2 Party with Bob

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Foster Homes Needed

kittens with their mama

Pregnant cat and kitten fosters for the upcoming season (it’s already upon us). The policies are here, and the foster application is online here.

We also need kitten socializers….

Please contact us if you can help.

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Thanks Mika and Megan

mika and meganThis is Mika and Megan, and they have been helping PAWS by holding a donation drive for us as well as helping out at Petco Verona!

We appreciate their work to help the animals in  our care.

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